Alice in Grinderland - Mad Hatter Grinder Card

Right out of the pages of Lewis Carrol’s classic novel, The V Syndicate introduces the Alice In Grinderland Series.

"If you know time as well as I do, you wouldn't talk about wasting it It's him.." Mad hatter Chapter 7

The Mad Hatter Grinder Card features an original full colour illustration of the Mad Hatter sitting on a mushroom drinking a cup of tea and when combined with the other 5 cards in the series, creates a larger scene.

The Mad Hatter's hat contains two patented Grind Surfaces, one Fine and one Coarse.

The back of the card has an engraved Mad Hatter quote from the book. Collect all six to create a larger scene when combined with the other cards in the series.

Includes –
Protective Sleeve: Covers your card and conceals the surface for privacy and easier storage in your wallet. The Mad Hatter Sleeve features another orginal illustration of the Mad Hatter sitting at his Tea Party, pouring Alice a cup of tea. The front of the sleeve shows the Mad Hatter from the front and the back of the sleeve shows the back of the chair he is sitting on. All 6 sleeves in the Alice in Grinderland series combine to show all the characters seated at the same table, from the front and from behind.

The grinder card and sleeve are about the same size of a standard business or credit card measuring in at approximately 2.1 in x 3.3 in. and weighing about a half ounce, making it a perfect fit for any standard wallet.

Our Grinder Cards are portable, finger friendly & easy to clean.