"Welcome to the future of smoking."
Talk about high-quality, authentic hand pipes available on today’s market, and Genius Pipe is definitely on that list. With the aid of three simple pieces, Genus Pipe intelligently produces very cool hits, while diffusing the smoke via the metal ridges. The metal ridges are situated within the two main pieces and are joined by four powerful magnets—each at the corner. This separation allows easy cleaning, by immersing in warm water and alcohol. 
The third piece, a metal slide, is found on the front of the piece, and it functions by showing the mesh bowl. The cutout design situated on the slide allows for lighting the bowl, and you can extinguish the flame by sliding down the same slide. If you are a smoker that likes trendy technologies and portable enough to fit into even the smallest bags or pockets, Genius Pipe is what you need. 
Getting one automatically elevates you to the status of VIP pipe smokers who trust and enjoy the Genius Pipe brand.

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