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March 02, 2020 3 min read

A Water Free Dabbing Experience

We collaborated with Genius Pipe to add a Dabit Tool onto their innovative Water Free Dab Rig! Combining their form with our function, we crafted an edition of the Genius Pipe that has an herb grinder surface and a mini double-sided magnetic dab tool. This unique device redefines the concept of what a pipe should look like, and offers a more professional, discreet, and adult aesthetic. The kit also includes a branded container to store your concentrates! Easily accommodate your sesh for travel with a small kit that offers huge highs. 

genius pipe

What's the story behind the brand? 

Genius Pipe is a smoking accessories company that focuses on bringing the future to modern smokers.  

Invention starts by solving a problem. For Genius Pipe inventor Dyan Ferman that meant coming up with a simpler, hassle-free way to cool smoke without losing taste. Your typical bong or bubbler does a good job of filtering smoke, but at the cost of messing with water and losing flavor as smoke passes through it. But Ferman wasn’t initially working on a pipe; his original invention was a cooling system for keeping super processors on gaming computers from overheating. The common method circulates water in a loop between the heat sources and a cooling radiator, much like the engine of a car. Ferman’s patented solution utilized a form of fluid dynamics where air is passed over and around tiny protrusions, or “dimples” that dissipates the heat away from the source — it’s so effective that it’s used in supersonic jets and nuclear power plants.

Being a smoker himself, Ferman figured the same concept couple be applied to an "air-cooled" pocket-sized pipe. To test his theory, he took the cooling block from a computer, rigged a bowl to one end and a mouthpiece to the other, and took a drag. "It worked amazingly; we were stunned by the effect," he says.

No liquid and no electronics translated into a deceivingly simple device. The Genius Pipe is made from three rectangular-shaped pieces of anodized aluminum held together with strong magnets. It measures 6 inches in length and weighs 5 ounces making it truly pocket-sized and portable. The two main sections contain the dimples — 2,000 of them to be exact. 

The face plate features a cut-out, which when the plate is slid into position, reveals the bowl, and when closed keeps your loose leaf from blowing out. There’s even a built-in screen. When everything is snapped together, an air-flow route is created between the bowl and the mouthpiece (nothing more than a small slit at one end). The dimples not only cool the smoke, but also catch tar, oil, and sap — when the smoke finally reaches your mouth and lungs, you’ll find that it is remarkably cool, smooth and cough-free.

The Genius Pipe was launched at CHAMPS Trade Show in 2015 after being in development for six years. The company had a small table on the edge of the show floor without any of the fanfare associated with the established brands in attendance. It didn't take long before you heard people saying to one another, "Did you see that metal pipe thing? It's amazing," and crowds started to congregate around the Genius booth to get a glimpse of the revolutionary device.