Cheech & Chong Collection with Keychain


Own the whole Officially Licenced Cheech & Chong Grinder Cards and Keychain Collection.

Includes: The Cheech & Chong Grinder Licence Card, The Cheech & Chong “Dave’s Not Here, Man” Card, The Cheech & Chonge Quarter Pounder Card,and Cheech & Chong Keychain Grinder.

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Product Description

The Officially Licensed Cheech & Chong Grinder License from The V Syndicate looks like a California Driver’s License but with a picture of both Cheech and Chong and some other obvious changes. How many times can you find the number 420 on the card? The bottom of the license features our patented grind strip with a Medium texture.

The officially Licensed Cheech & Chong “Dave’s Not Here, Man.” Grinder Card from The V Syndicate. The famous line is engraved on the card, with a special Fine to Medium Blend “Joint” grinder below.

The Offcially Licensed Cheech & Chong Quarter Pounder Grinder Card from the V Syndicate features orginal artwork based on one of Cheech & Chong’s signature routines. The routine was also featured in the movie “Up In Smoke”. Cheech holds the Joint shaped and patented Fine to Medium Blend textured grind surface in his hand as Chong looks on.

The Officially Licensed Cheech & Chong Grinder Keychain. Featuring images of Cheech and Chong engraved above a patented Medium textured Grind Strip. comes with
Keyring: Attach your keys and you are ready to grind anywhere!

All Cards Include:

Protective Sleeve: Covers your card and conceals the surface for privacy and easier storage in your wallet.

Grind Tray: Specially designed to fit a grinder card, all our cards come with a free 4 in x 6 in card that folds into a tray. When folded the tray features a slit that easily fits the grinder card. You can grind right into the tray and then use it to fill your papers etc.