Roaring Rasta Lion Dog Tag


Combining two of our popular Grinder Card Designs, the Rasta Roaring Lion is another stylish dog tag grinder from The V Syndicate.

We use gold instead of the usual rasta yellow and the patented Coarse textured grind surface sits inside the Lion’s mane.


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Product Description

Ball Chain: All our dog tag grinders come with a ball chain and make a great accessory plus you are ready to grind anywhere!
Grind Tray: Specially designed to fit a grinder card, all our cards come with a free 4 in x 6 in card that folds into a tray. When folded the tray features a slit that easily fits the grinder card. You can grind right into the tray and then use it to fill your papers etc.

The grinder dog tag is around the same size of most standard dog tags and measures in at approximately 1.5 in x 2.1 in. and weighs about a half ounce, and fits easily around your neck.

Our Grinder Cards are portable, finger friendly & easy to clean.