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High Times Cannabis Cup Amsterdam
Kush Expo 2013


Left Coast Canna Review December 2014

From Holiday Buyers Guide:
V Syndicate Gold Pop ‘N’ Grind-
It’s a cool party if you’re handed a beer, it’s an even better event if you’re handed some herbs! No matter what the challenge, you’ll be ready with the POP ‘N’ Grind, herb grinder and bottle opener.
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Good Green June 2014

VSyndicate Grinder Card Review:
When it comes to grinders there seems to be an unavoidable dilemma. Small grinders are more portable but don’t hold much and large grinders hold more but are much less portable and discreet. Enter VSyndicate and their Grinder Card, a discreet and portable grinder solution with no maximum capacity. We tested the VSyndicate Grinder Card to find out if this was just a cheap novelty or a legitimate accessory in any connoisseur’s kit.

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Hemp House: Nug Hunt