Licensed Artists

The V. Syndicate has teamed up with popular artist from music and comedy to offer officially licensed versions of the patented Grinder Card. Our officially licensed artists include:

Cheech & Chong:

Cheech & ChongComedy and counterculture legends Cheech & Chong have been a natural fit for Grinder Cards. We have produced several popular designs for the duo in the past and currently offer 3 Grinder Card and 1 Keychain design. Our Grinder Card designs include the wildly successful Quarter Pounder, based on one of their signature routines which was also portrayed in the movie Up In Smoke. We also offer 2 new Grinder Card designs: The Grinder License, a novelty version of a California drivers license, and Dave’s Not Here, Man, also based on one of the duos more famous routines. These designs will make any Cheech & Chong fan’s day.


Wiz KhalifaWiz Khalifa:

Atlantic Records recording artist, Wiz Khalifa has joined the V Syndicate, and his exclusive Officially Licensed design Khalifa Card has been a huge hit with music and Grinder Card fans everywhere. Wiz Khalifa’s music and “Work Hard, Play Hard” lifestyle meshes well with our customers and we look forward to creating new and innovative designs with Wiz in the future.


Previously Licensed Artist:

We have also produced Officially Licensed Grinder Cards for rap artists, Snoop Dogg and B-Real of Cypress Hill. Our Snoop Dogg line was our first with a major rap artist and led the way to other other artists joining the Syndicate. The Snoop Dogg Grinder Cards designs included the Double G, Tha Boss, and Snoop Smokin‘ and well as rasta inspired design for his alter ego Snoop Lion.

In addition to our Officially Licensed Artists, we have also produced merchandise for rap artists T.I. and T. Pain.